Speed Tournament 2020
Dear players,

The Tribal Wars International team is glad to invite you to our newest Speed Tournament! Starting Thursday 21st of May, several Speed teams will compete to prove their worth on the Speed Worlds. The number of participating teams (each team representing 10 participants) is limited to 20, so make sure to sign up quickly!

The registrations of teams will give priority to teams that represent a Game Market. These teams need to be pre-approved by the local Speed Administrator or Community Manager. Please reach out to them for more information. Please understand that this tournament is an initiative from local community management of different markets. It is therefore possible that not all game markets will participate.

The remaining spots will be handed out to teams that do not represent a specific game market and will be chosen through qualifiers that will be held on Tribal Wars International between the 17th and 20th of May.

The rankings of individual players will be tracked through TWSpeeds, while the team games will be tracked using an external tool.

Prize pool:
- Rank 1 Player - 1000 Premium Points
- Rank 2 Player - 500 Premium Points
- Rank 3 Player - 300 Premium Points

- Rank 1 Tribe - 200 Premium Points to each participant
- Rank 2 Tribe - 150 Premium Points to each participant
- Rank 3 Tribe - 100 Premium Points to each participant

If you represent a different game market, it may be possible to receive your prize on your home market. Please note however that you will need approval from your local Community Manager before the tournament starts, otherwise possible prizes will be credited to your Tribal Wars International game account.

Rules & Premium Account
Specific Tournament Rules will be announced closer to the start of the tournament. It is however worth noting that Free Premium Account and Loot Assistant will be provided during these rounds. Account Manager will be disabled. The Tribal Wars International script rules will apply. Any script used that has not been specifically approved by the .net team will be considered illegal and will lead to exclusion from the tournament. In case of doubt, please submit the script(s) you desire to use before the tournament starts.


If you wish to represent a Game Market:
Please reach out to your local Speed Administrator / Community Manager. They will need to sign up the teams representing their markets by the 17th of May. As this is quite short notice, we advise you to do this as soon as possible!

If you do not represent a Game Market but do have a (complete) team:
Please write a forum message to me, @JawJaw , with a full list of valid names by the 17th of May. You will later on be informed about qualifiers

If you do not represent a Game Market, play solo and want to join a team:
Please try to find a team, by the 17th of May, on the Tribal Wars Official Speed Discord so you can join the qualifiers. Please note however that depending on the results of the qualifiers, team formations may still change!

During the tournament, all communication will happen through Discord. Seperate channels will be provided for each participating team. Official announcements will be posted in the speed forum.

More information will become available as soon as possible.

As throughout the entire game, we expect Fair-Play from everyone. This tournament will as usual attract the best speed players from all over Tribal Wars - we understand that the competition is high but remain respectful towards each other at all times. Breaking the general game rules, forum rules or tournament rules will lead to your account, and potentially your team (depending on the severity of the breach), being excluded from the tournament.

May the best team win!
Your Tribal Wars International Team
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