Fire! Hey guys,

As most of you know by now, TWSpeeds was unavailable for a period of time due to a fire in the datacenter where it was hosted. Unfortunately, as I already started working on V2, I didn't have a working backup anymore to bring it up very fast.

I am currently presenting you with a V1 frontend and a V2 backend. However, note that this is just a rushed version of TWSpeeds, so there may still be a lot of bugs. Please let me know when you find them on Discord!

I will be adding the old features one by one, but this is a somewhat slow process as I'm limited in free time. Thank you for understanding

Happy Speeding!
~ Poo. / JawJaw (JawJaw#1274)

Welcome to TWSpeeds.

The displayed times follow the timezones of the by you selected market. The listed rounds will start at the displayed time, in your timezone!

This page is refreshed automatically every minute.

Ongoing Rounds

MarketTitleStart - EndCompletionVictory ConditionSpeedUnit SpeedSleepSitMorale

Planned rounds

MarketTitleStartEndVictory ConditionSpeedUnit SpeedSleepSitMorale